The Downs School, Colwall, Worcestershire, England.
Walked into that darkened room and that was the start of my life in Photography. It was a darkroom……First camera, lent by the Geography master; Voightlander Vito B 35mm. First pictures of new Coventry Cathedral on Ferrania colour transparency film. Processed at home in the bathroom.


At Wellingborough School won ‘The Tate Cup’for Photography two years running.


Attends Butlins holiday camp as walkabout snap Photographer.


Enrolls to RCA for fine arts course.


Attends Ealing Technical College London for Photography. Gains a diploma.


Assistant to Lester Bookbinder in London.


Assistant to Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Bill King in NY city.


David Puttnam became Julian’s first photographic agent. Commissions for Vogue magazine, followed by Harpers Bazzar, Town and The Times. Starts advertising photography.


Sets up Studio on three floors at New Burlington Street, London W1. In-house processing; Kodak E3 rotary U-tube processing 8″x10″, 11″x14″ and 4″x5″ formats. De Vere cold cathode head enlarger. Leitz Focomat enlargers. Eight full time staff. Complete in-house finishing.
Co-founded The Photographers Gallery in London.


D&AD awards for ‘Osram Bulbs’, B&H Gold cigarettes, Hamlet cigars and many others.


Starts shooting Television and Cinema commercials.
Installs in house editing and full 35mm projection facility. Employs full time camera loader. 35mm Mitchell S 35. Converts Hasselblad lenses to BNCR. Full set of Nikor 35mm still lenses to BNCR mount. Full set of Cooke lenses and 5:1 Cooke Varatol Zoom lens. Moviola crab dolly, geared head and full compliment of studio lights.
Wins Chapman Spooner Classic Car Championship with Aston Martin DB4 series 1 lightweight. 4.2 litre


Julian Cottrell Productions formed for the production of television and cinema commercials. Nine full time staff employed. Gold Lion award at Cannes Film Festival France for ‘Gordons Gin’, “It’s Got To Be Gordons”. Silver D&AD award for best Cinema commercial ‘Highwayman’, Raleigh bicycles.

Co-formed MJCZ production company in LA California. Many award winning commercials made and produced.


Joined James Garrett and Partners for Film Direction and Lighting Cameraman. Awards for Castro GTX oil, British Telecom and Volvo cars.

Further work; film making in Ireland,France,Italy,Holland,South Africa,Germany,Spain and the Far East.


Moved to LA California to shoot commercials with MJZ production Co.


Returns to London. Starts taking photographs full time. Finishes commercial filming.


Moves to Ramsgate, Kent to pursue photography. Sets up fully equipt working darkroom and digital facilities. Many ongoing projects into the future…..


Photographs Ramsgate for 50 th year of The Ramsgate Society. A pictorial history. All the wonderful architecture of many different periods which exist in the town.